Package uk.nominet.catnap.dao

Interface Summary
CatnapInterceptor Interface to the catnap interceptor.
CatnapSnapshot Interface which must be implemented for objects participating in optimistic locking

Class Summary
CatnapAbstractFinderResultsExtractor Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
CatnapFinderPageableResultsExtractor Pageable version of the catnap finder results extractor for supporting google type paging.
CatnapInterceptorAdaptor Interceptor Adaptor.
CatnapSession Base dao for all catnap Data Access Objects.
CatnapSessionData Handy wrapper class to bundle up into a single unit the common data objects defined within the catnap session which are required by all of the worker classes.
CatnapSnapshotImpl Base class for any object which is intended to participate in optimistic locking.
PageableList Pageable List.